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Health and Safety of school sites

All possible care is taken for the children and staff safety while they are at school. A daily visual inspection of the school site is carried out, and concerns are acted upon promptly and remedial works arranged. The site of the two schools is surrounded by a fence and hedges. Gates are locked between 9am and open again at 3.30pm. In order to gain access to the school, it is necessary to contact staff by telephone for them to open the gates. All visitors must visit the main entrance upon arrival at the school. Visitors are given an ID card and we ask them to sign our visitors book. If visitors behave inappropriately towards a pupil or member of staff then they will be asked to leave the school campus immediately and the police will be contacted when appropriate. Termly 'fire drills' are held. The school regularly inspects health and safety arrangements for pupils and staff.


If a child receives a serious injury, emergency services are contacted immediately. If a child is ill, has a head injury, or minor injury, the parents will be contacted. Medicines are given to a child only after receiving written instructions from a parent.


We ask that you let staff know who usually collects your child. If there is a change in collection arrangements, parents are asked to inform staff.


Here is a copy of both schools' Health and Safety policy.